Expert tyre repairers in South Australia


When any Tyre arrives at our workshop they are allocated a job card and inspected to see the extent of the damage. We are then able to quote and give an estimated completion date.

We use both a Auto Clave and the Monarch Repair System to cure our tyres. This allows us to do the larger Tyres that would normally not fit into the Auto Clave.

In another effort to ensuring our customers receive the best quality possible, we have chosen equipment and consumables manufactured and sold by Rema Tip Top, which is an ISO9001 approved company.



Another great service that Specialised Tyres is able to offer is retreading or reslicking their Tyres / Casings. This allows our customers to get longer use out of their Tyres before having to look at purchasing new Tyres.

This process adds Rubber to the tyre that can then be regrooved into the pattern required or if needed they are able to leave the tread smooth. Once the new rubber has been added and the tread has been grooved the tyre is then placed in the Auto Clave to allow the new rubber to cook / bond to the tyre.