We stock both Drive and Steer Truck Tyres and are able to source many different brands if you are after a particular brand. Our Tyre fitters are happy to discuss the different options that may be suitable for your needs.

Pricing all depends on the Brand of the tyre you are after. Pricing includes stripping and Fit and an extra charge may be applied if we need to dispose of old tyres (EPA approved)


Specialised Tyres is able to strip and fit your Truck tyres while they are still on the Truck or you can drop in with loose rims and the tyres can be fitted.

All 3 locations have a fully equipt service truck that is able to do service calls to help where every you may be. We are also certified to work on site (Whyalla)


Haulmax ATT303

Haulmax ATT101

Bandag D4310