At Specialised Tyres we are able to offer our customers the options of purchasing New or Second Hand Tyres. We have a huge variety of Second Hand Tyres avialable for purchase, all Second Hand Tyres are inspected before they leave to make sure the condition of the tyre is still workable. Some of the Second Hand Tyres will have repairs already done and you will be told if they are suitable for Front or Rear Fitment. The tread depths also vary from Casings up to near New Tyres.

If you are after Brand New Tyres we also have stock in our yards or we are able to order them in fairly quickly depending on Brand avaiablity. We are able to source most popular brands (Halitrax, Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone etc)





When purchasing Tyres we are able to fit these direct to the Machine for you or we can strip and fit to loose rims if that is what you are needing. Ontop of beaing able to offer these services in our work shop will also have a Service Truck that is equipt to carry out jobs on the road.

We are able to supply O'Rings, Valves and Tyre Sealant if required.

Specialised Tyres is also EPA approved for Tyre disposal. If disposal is required we charge a fee to make sure these are all disposed of correctly.



Halitrax HR25

Bridgestone VUT

Michelin XHA2

Goodyear RM 4A+